Information About Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is an island that has a coastline of 509km and is 155km from the West to the East coast. When you travel from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island, you will be able to get to the island either by using a ferry or by a flight, which is up to you completely. It is an island that is filled with a lot of wildlife, bush land, soaring cliffs, exploring, sand dunes, and adventure. You will also find local wines, pristine beaches and the sunset just a peak away form your window. This island is the third largest Island off the mainland coast of Australia where many individuals choose to do a tours Kangaroo Island. Its total surface area is 4416 square kilometres and is a 55 kilometres wide and 155 kilometres in length. It is known as KI in short which is how the locals call this beautiful piece of land. Certain tourists who have left reviews about their day trip to kangaroo island which is described as unbelievable and gorgeous. Certain individuals also mention that the photographs do not do justice to what one will experience when they visit this place.

How to get to the island

There are two luxury vehicles and ferries that carry passengers that are being operated by Kangaroo Island SeaLink, which is between Penneshaw Kangaroo Island and Cape Jervis. There are four scheduled departures everyday with additional departures during high season. Making a reservation early is vital. There are coaches available to Adelaide and to other areas such as Kingscote and American River. If you are looking at flying to KI, then you can use the Regional Express Airlines, which is also a daily service with scheduled flights every thirty minutes from the Adelaide Airport.

How to get around the island

If you can get a self-guided audio tour of KI and hire a car you will be able to experience the island at your own speed, which means you can explore the island without having to deal with other people tagging along. If you do your research and go around driving while listening to the ape, you will have a unique perspective of KI.

You can either book a tour with a large tour group or with a smaller group. You might have difficulty hearing what the guide has to say if the group is it a little bit too crowded. If you want to learn more things about KI and why you should visit it then there are videos and reviews from people who have been to Kangaroo Island before.

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