Laos, A Must Go Place

Laos is the place for you if you are too much into travelling and wants to explore each site of the Earth. This world is bestowed with natural and each region holds a unique and special place that no other country or city has. We have this difference because there is a lot of difference in temperature, climate, culture and region of each state. Some has greenery, a few has mountains whereas others have waterfalls and mountains covered under the blanket of white snow.

Each place has its own attraction and charm. Laos is not as famous in the list of tourists. Even though, it is full of natural beauty and marvelous scenery. If we go there, we feel like someone has painted the whole view in a perfect manner.

Attractions in Laos:

Following are the must-go places in Laos

  • Waterfalls:

There is no need of a rain or swimming pools when we have natural waterfalls. We can enjoy a cold water falling down between the two mountains from height, it feels like someone is pouring water on you. It is an ultimate experience in enjoying and get wet under the waterfall. It becomes more attractive and worth going place when there are tables around and sitting area to enjoy food and snacking time. There is no other thing more romantic than having a meal with your partner, having your feet down in the natural water.

  • Mountains:

This place has gifted with a number of mountains. It also has a hilly area. It is a good place for those who love to climb mountains. You just need to have a pair of comfortable joggers, a bag pack which has all the basic accessories along with a few things for snacking and water and you are ready to explore the dream.

  • Local Shopping:

We all do shopping in malls and big shopping areas in the city but the actual fun of shopping that a person can is in the shopping at local market in the village. It sells products at cheaper prices and we also found the specialty of that particular regions which we can buy as souvenir for friends and family.

  • Limestone Caves:

The area is surrounded by multiple famous caves. Tham Jang and Tham Phu has its own historical importance. The city of Luang Prabang is famous for its ideal location. It is located between the Nam Khang and Mekong rivers.

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